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(Giveaway) Dove, Rent the Runway and a fear of flying


This post is in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect. The whole story shared here is all my own.
Here’s one of my most symbolic pictures to date taken in 2010. Standing on a runway with a vibrant red wool coat, it represents the time I finally conquered my fear of flying. OK, wait. Before I continue, let’s define the word fear. I conquered my “I am never flying. Heck no. Post 9/11 phobia. Did not fly for 10 years” type of fear, which is not to be confused with the anxiety I feel when we hit turbulence. Long story short, in 2008, after much contemplation, I finally got on a plane to Texas (my mother lives there). In 2010, I took another leap and went back to Texas. That day marked the beginning of many journeys I would take. Since then, I’ve been back to NYC (four times) and visited Chicago, Louisiana, Florida (three times), Michigan, Texas (two times more), Washington DC (twice), San Fransisco, Georgia and Tennessee. Those trips were huge for me. Every time I get on a flight, I feel stronger. Every flight I take is my spotlight moment, and when I land I feel proud of myself for not letting this fear stop me from seeing new places and experiencing new things. Now, make no mistake as I mentioned before, I do not like turbulence. Once the plane shakes, I break into a sweat. But so worth it, as you can see by these pictures.
travel theartmuse
Now what does a fear of flying and Dove have in common? Anxiety makes me sweat. When I sweat, I need deodorant. When I’m flying, I always carry one with me. Dove sent me their Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant right before my recent trip to Georgia. I was a bit nervous because I was flying a very bare bones plane from an airline I had never heard of before. I also made the mistake of reading Astrology Zone two hours prior, which warned about October being a disastrous month. What was I thinking?

Before this collaboration even happened, I was already going to share the goods with you all if Clear Tone could actually make its way through the challenge of a long flight to the east coast. Well, it did. I also like that it was very gentle and didn’t irritate my skin. It’s perfect for traveling, especially of you’re going to an event or have a presentation. I was actually flying to Georgia to a conference but I was also speaking on a panel so it was important for me to arrive looking and feeling fresh. Clear Tone worked really well, and I’m so glad it came in the mail when it did. I would love for you to try it. Better yet, how about a year’s worth of Dove products? And while we’re at it, how about a gift card to Rent the Runway for an upcoming special occasion?

Three winners will receive a one year supply of Dove Clear Tone Pink Rosa, a Dove Hair Daily Moisturize Shampoo, a Dove Hair Daily Moisturize Conditioner, a Dove Style + Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum, a Dove Style + Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse and a $100 gift certificate to Rent the Runway. If this sounds good to you, all you need to do is tell me your tips for luminous skin (even under pressure) in the entry box below. Giveaway ends November 15th. Winners will notified no later than November 18th. Good luck!

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Taking it easy with Dove


This post is in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect. Everything expressed is all me.
I work long hours. Sometimes it can be really stressful and the only thing that soothes me a cup of tea and a bubble bath. It forces me to sit, relax and reflect on all of the blessings that come from all of my hard work.
At night, after taking a long (loooong) bath, my beau and I sit down together and drink tea. It’s one of the many rituals we share as a couple that I love. Dove sent me this adorable teapot and delicious tea along with their new Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant, which is perfect for my night time bath and tea routine. It’s a very coveted product that seems to sell out quickly. It’s designed to reduce red and dark marks and even out skin tone caused by shaving irritation. I go to bed relaxed, comfortable and smelling fresh.

I was also selected to be one of the twenty #LatinaBloggers for their #MujerDove campaign, which includes participating in tomorrow’s Twitter Party along with the other 19 bloggers chosen, Vive Mejor and fashion and beauty expert Kika Rocha. I’ll be doing double duty at my Twitter account @theArtMuse and @LBConnect. Join me for an evening of beauty tips and more!
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flowytopLola & Sophie top similar, Zara leggings, Steve Madden heels, Michael Kors satchel

Hello, muses! I hope you had a lovely weekend. After signing off on Friday, I went to the Healthy, Happy Vegan Kitchen book signing in Venice and met up with my good friend Maura. The event was hosted by Blogger Babes (a network designed to help women bloggers transform their hobby of writing into a career) so I really wanted to make it out, as we just partnered with them at work by offering must-have e-kits for bloggers who want to take their business to the next level. Heck, I work in the industry and learned a few tricks I should really start incorporating on this here blog. I was also curious about the recipe book and its author Katya Patalsky, who apparently shot the whole book in 60 days! (Warning: before you click on her site, make sure you have a full belly). I would love to make these apple spice peanut butter oatmeal bars for my son and his friends. I had a house full of teens all weekend long, and I’m sure these would be a hit.
In between my son’s movie, video game and social calendar, I asked him to come with me to Highland Park for lunch, dessert, an art gallery viewing and … to just hang out with me. He’s not really into art galleries and museums, but he came along and we had a lovely afternoon checking out the new boutiques and cafes in the area. I found a really sweet shop called Social Study. It’s where I bought this comfortable and chic Lola & Sophie top. I was hesitant at first because I really do not like ruching at all. In its attempt to hide certain things with fabric, I think it actually achieves the opposite effect. But I gave this one a try because I loved the asymmetrical drape. To my surprise, the ruching on this top actually worked pretty well for my body type. It cradles the curves and adds the right amount of sexy for those us who have a little more hip. I didn’t want to take away from the details so I kept the rest of the simple with my favorite black leggings and strappy heels.

It was a weekend of exploring, friendships and quality time. A perfect way to start a very full week ahead. We have two Twitter Parties coming up this week – One with Neutrogena and the other with Dove. Lots of skin care and hair love talk mixed in with prizes and new social media friends. Join us! 

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I own a few peplum tops, and have a love/hate relationship with them. I really have to be in a frilly sort of mood to wear one unless they have a more structured or flowy look, if that makes sense. The top I’m wearing wouldn’t technically be considered a peplum but I’m favoring this silhouette a lot more. It’s way more flattering if you have curves. I really like the asymmetrical cut too. It’s a jersey knit, so it’s super comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

(Heather Pleated Asymmetrical top, Asos pencil skirt, Chinese Laundry heels, Ann Taylor bag)

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Luminous Skin for Winter


This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove. The post is all me.
mujerdove theartmuse
Can’t say I thought 40 would come this soon, let me tell you. I’m so glad I never had habits like cigarette smoking or sun bathing because it really does damage the skin. However, my biggest vice, ever since I got my first job in Wall Street in my 20s while waiting for my art teaching credentials, is coffee. Going for a cup of coffee was break-time, and I’ve been addicted ever since. This habit can leave your skin dry and dull. I find myself constantly having to moisturize my skin or try natural remedies to keep it rejuvenated. Drinking lots of water is especially important when you’re ingesting so much caffeine!

A few weeks ago, we hosted a Twitter Party with Vive Mejor and Kika Rocha (who is known for her amazing beauty tips), and one of things that was emphasized was moisturizing. This simple act helps keep your skin glowing and luminous. And if you can use a lotion with SPF – even better. Even though its Fall/Winter and our skin is covered, the sun can still damage collagen, which results in spots and wrinkles. The Party was so informative, not only did I grab a few tips for beautiful skin during Winter, I even learned more about Dove’s Clear Tone deodorant (which I talk about HERE and HERE). I mean, deodorant is deodorant, right? You have good ones and bad ones. I can’t say I ever really thought about them as anything other what they were intended for. But – I learned that Clear Tone is the only deodorant in the US designed to visibly reduce red spots and has calendula and sunflower seed to help speed up the process of skin regeneration. Calendula is a healing herb that can be used for beautification purposes, to tone and moisturize the skin. And, yes, that’s important for those arms of yours. Think of that crisp white shirt you’d love to wear or the strapless dress you’ve had your eye on. It’s important to care for every inch of your skin. Not just your face, hands and neck. Exfoliate your skin a few times a week, wash your face thoroughly every night before bed, moisturize (night and morning), wear SPF and drink lots of water to keep your skin looking its best. Sounds simple but we get so busy sometimes, it’s easy to let these routines go. But its so important to squeeze in a a bit of me time!

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A different kind of therapy


dove hair theartmuse
I’m a Moroccon Oil product junkie so you know if I’m talking about another hair product, it’s worth a try. I ran out of my regular shampoo/conditioner and decided to use the Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner they sent me (not compensated). I actually really like it. It’s hard to find products that moisturize your hair without leaving a greasy residue. My hair is very heavy and falls flat easily. The last thing I want is for a product to give me a wet dog look. So if you have curly hair like me (I blow it out), give it a shot and tell me what you think.
dove hair theartmuse
Also, Dove is having a fun contest. Try out their products and upload your pic to win goodies. Check it out!

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beauty talk


My teen years were not easy. I was different – a bit eccentric, a bit nerdy and a bit awkward. This was ammo for neighborhood bullies. The more confident I was, the more they found to criticize – “skinny, flat chest, ugly.” I was teased, bullied and threatened on a regular basis. I was always thinking and observing everything around me. I had a big heart and big dreams, and I quickly learned how to protect it. I loved art. I loved playing with fashion. And, even though my demeanor became very self-protective, the way I felt was not going to change. [Read more →]

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