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    Choose a meaningful gift with Heifer International

    November 29, 2015

    A Heifer International gift for the holidays - theartmuseHow was your Thanksgiving? We enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner at home before heading to the movies to watch Creed. You guys have to see it. If you loved the Rocky franchise, you will get the feels. Trust me. There were several nostalgic moments that almost made me shed a tear. Alright, I did shed a few tears. Quite a few. My mom was obsessed with Sylvester Stallone when I was growing up. Not only did she take me to see every Stallone movie out, she had a huge Rocky III poster hanging in her closet for many years. A much older Stallone combined with the infamous Rocky theme song got me all choked up. It was the perfect film to end a day filled with gratitude and happiness, and I’m glad my son and I got to enjoy it together.

    Thanksgiving is over and it is officially the season of giving. Are you already shopping? If so, I have a few ideas for your shopping list.

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    Banana Bread Breakfast

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    November 23, 2015
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    Gray Sweater Dress

    Oh, those few cool days we had here in LA got me all excited. I immediately threw on boots, my gray sweater dress, blazer … Yea, no. We’re back to 85 degree weather. But…

    November 22, 2015
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    Week in Pictures

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    November 20, 2015
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    Avocado, Chickpea and Kale Salad

    When my son was younger, he didn’t give me much trouble about eating his fruits and vegetables along with the things he enjoyed eating. He liked broccoli, raw carrots, apples, bananas, you name it.…

    November 16, 2015
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    A week in Pictures

    Week in Pictures

    I always considered myself a resilient person with the ability of turning adversity around. I was resourceful, quick and quite a pistol my entire life. That is … until TMJ (a pretty severe case)…

    November 15, 2015
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    Gray Flannel

    When it comes to wrapping a flannel shirt around my waist, I’m an OG. I lived the era of ripped jeans, tees, flannels, vintage jackets, doc martens, motorcycle boots and beanies. In fact, it…

    November 9, 2015