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Rachel Mátos

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    5 characteristics of a Boss Lady

    November 28, 2016

    I wanted to write a post about our #WeAllGrowMIA event back in September but I had nothing to share.

    How’s that even possible? Well, when you’re in charge of overseeing social media coverage there’s no such thing as sitting down and taking it all in. Add Miami heat and humidity to the mix, and the only sitting I did manage to sneak in was anywhere I could find a breeze.

    Shew, it was a scorcher.

    No matter how much I was running around, there was no doubt that this event was the epitome of a Boss Lady celebration. So instead of giving you a breakdown of the day, I decided to share what was at the core of the message that we, as a company, strive to convey with every event we do.

    YOU are talented. YOU are brilliant. YOU are a Boss Lady.

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    White jumpsuit

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    The story of two neighbors

    State Farm sponsored this post. All thoughts are my own. Seeing my son here pictured with his friend of twelve years just makes my heart melt. Time goes by so fast……

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    Same book, new chapter

    My posts have slowed down a bit this month, as we’re knee-deep into another event coming up around the corner. #WeAllGrowFAMILIA is happening on Saturday at Munchkin Headquarters, and the line-up of speakers is…

    October 18, 2016
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    I’m not really into numerology, but lately I’ve been strongly questioning the constant 11’s that keep appearing throughout my day. It started with seeing 9:11 over and over again followed by my boss booking a…

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    Aging gracefully with nature

    This post is in collaboration with Mirada de Provence Giving my body and skin all the love and nourishment it needs to go through its natural process over next several years is what I…

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    L’Oréal Master Class: Smokey eye

    Last week, I was invited to participate in a Master Class with L’Oreal Paris hosted by celebrity makeup artist Claudia Bentancur. We were set up with a makeup stations, and followed her instructions for…

    September 25, 2016