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Happy Mother’s Day


mothers day
This photo illustrates the beginning of a life of sacrifice, dreams, challenges and triumphs. A young student in this picture, my mom eventually became a psychologist (went to school and worked while raising me). I received a private school education, went to college and eventually became a mom as well. Although I will never truly understand the sacrifices my mom made because she ensured that I would never have to, I certainly learned the meaning of unconditional love through her. In many ways, we are alike … and in other ways, we are very different but together we’ve shared an amazingly rich journey. Our bond is one that could never be broken. Love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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a noncommital ombre


shehair latinabloggers
Hair, hair, hair! This mane of mine has seen it all, and pretty much changes every time there’s a new chapter in my life (and not). I’ve had so many styles and so many colors, I’m surprised I still have as much hair as I do. When She by SoCap reached out to me about their hair extensions, my first response was “I certainly do not need extra hair.” In fact, my hair stylist thins it a bit so it can be more manageable. However, after looking at their site, I saw that they had a variety of ombre shades, which looked really natural. I thought they would be fun to try for summer.
I have a “mild” ombre right now. Many of my friends have expressed an interest in getting these highlights but are afraid that it will not look right on them, especially if it’s done wrong. That’s a justified concern, as I went through an ombre nightmare myself a few years ago. A stylist, who claimed she could do it, totally fried my hair into a bleached nightmare. I looked like a ripe banana. A lot of money and time out the window. After several bottle of pharmacy dyes, my dear friend referred me to Pure Salon in LA. After several hours of toning and conditioning, my hair was saved. You don’t want to go through that. I suggest trying out extensions to see if you like it. If you do, find yourself a great stylist. You can also just wear the extensions for special occasions, and not do anything to your hair. One of the things I like about these particular extemsions is that the hair is 100% natural and come in a variety of textures. You can check out the tutorial I created for Latina Mom or you can keep reading!
shehair theartmuse
All you need to do is style your hair the way you normally would for a night out. Part the crown of your head and tie it up. Tease around the crown (The extension clip comb will grip better). Add your extensions and loosen up your hair. Comb it (or use your fingers if you have curly hair) through so the colors can blend. I actually snipped a few layers and chunks off so it can match my hair cut. Otherwise, my hair looked like it had two different lengths, and the goal is for it look as natural as possible. I also spent a lot of time blending the hair together with a curling iron so it won’t look “stripey”. That would have been great in 1996. Today? Not so much!

Like I said, these extensions were sent to me to try. I wasn’t paid for this post nor was I asked to share it on my blog. But I really liked the product and figured you might too! If you try it out, let me know.

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mashed cauliflower with garlic


I’ve gone cauliflower mad. Seriously, I have it as a snack with hummus and I use as a substitute for mashed potatoes. Since dealing with this TMJD issue, not only do I need to eat softer foods, but I also need eat to very healthy dishes. I’m discovering new ways to eat and I’m beyond excited about it. Well, I didn’t just discover it. I had a bit of help …

For years, I’d been seeing an Osteopath and absolutely loved the care that I received. However, I wanted someone a bit more hands-on. I really wanted to be educated about my body and how to best take care of it along side a medical practitioner. Welp, ask and you shall receive! I put it out there and found an amazing functional medicine doctor, who sat down with me for three hours during my first visit to talk about the body, nutrition, our nervous system and our emotions. After some labs, I discovered that I had a gluten sensitivity, which in itself could be a contributor to so many factors. I would have to do an entirely different post about all that. To sum it up, my body wasn’t taking in nutrients and I wasn’t digesting properly. This brought to mind the Ted Talk that I saw when I was at the height of my agony featuring Lissa Rankin. That talk resonated with me so much. I teared up when she said that in order to be really well and whole you need have/do the following – Healthy relationships, healthy professional life, express yourself creatively, be spirituality connected, have a healthy sex life, be healthy financially, live in a healthy environment, be mentally healthy and then follow the rules of traditional health (supplements, doctor visits). She really broke down what was missing in the medical profession and why we, as patients, are just not feeling better even if we’re doing what we think we’re supposed to. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to change things and that it was going to be quite a journey to really heal my body inside and out. So what does any of this have to do with cauliflower? I started changing my eating habits by going down the Paleo path, and this was one of the first recipes I followed from Nom Nom Paleo, which is easy to make and simply delicious. And as I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to start sharing my journey with you all.
cauliflower mashed
If you’d like to substitute your mashed potatoes (they make me so bloated), cauliflower is perfect. I pretty much followed this recipe, but didn’t add the nutmeg. Just chop up a head of cauliflower and steam the florets with a few garlic cloves and sea salt. When the florets are soft, go ahead and put them into your blender with butter ( I used Organic Valley). That’s it!
The consistency is a matter of preference. In my case, if I want to have chicken or beef, I try to keep my side dishes very pureed as to not irritate my jaw. But coming from someone who loves mashed potatoes, I will vouch for this mashed cauliflower dish. This beautiful vegetable is also rich in calcium, helps detoxify the body and promotes heart health. Bon Appétit!

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color therapy


earrings target
I really don’t have the excuse of feeling the winter blues I used to get when I lived in New York. February was always a ‘bleh’ time of year, usually marked by exams, snow storms and lots of gray skies. Now that I live in LA and I work in social media, all we can think about is Spring, and all the beautiful trends, jewelry and fashion that awaits along with outdoor art shows and performances. It’s anticipation time, and I’m totally fine with that. I’ve had a terrible bout with TMD the last few weeks, which causes all types of pain and discomfort. I’ve found respite in yoga, acupuncture, a change of diet and Spring colors. Yes, colors. They have the ability to alter your mood, and I can’t wait to start adding more and more color to my wardrobe and around the house. During a break in the work day, I grabbed some costume jewelry from Target in orange to welcome all of the wonderful changes taking place. I love mixing these affordable finds and with my cherished jewelry pieces. Breathes new life into what I have in my jewelry box.

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